Nov 22 2020


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Breath Therapy Workshop

Breath Therapy Workshop (IN STUDIO & LIVE VIA ZOOM)
Breath Practice or in Sanskrit, Pranayama, is how we connect our mind and emotions with the concentration of breath control.
We will learn how to use our primary breathing muscle, the diaphragm. When we take the time to breathe, we create space within our bodies to decrease anxiety and illness. These breathing exercises will relieve aches/pains, release neck/shoulder tension, improve our core strength, and bring balance to our well-being.
When: Sunday, November 22nd from 10 am-12 pm
What to Bring: Please bring a blanket, pillow, water bottle, and a yoga mat. If you have extra props or yoga cushions (bolsters) you are welcome to bring those as well. Optional to bring paper or pen for notes, and/or a face mask.
What to Wear: Please wear layers, warm socks, and comfortable clothing or yoga attire.
Investment: $35 plus GST ($36.75)