Feb 11 2020


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Everything is About to Change

Learn how to prepare for your community’s future.

Disruptions have impacted almost every industry, but our communities have remained relatively unchanged in the last 50 years. That will not be the case in the very near future, and simply catching up to today will not work. Technological and social changes will challenge communities, and those who are not prepared for what is coming will not prosper. You must be prepared for tomorrow now, if you want to succeed.

What people are saying…
Doug Griffiths’ book, 13 Ways to Kill Your Community, is a must read for anyone with the desire to make a difference where they live. It’s full of valuable advice that can move communities forward and also provides great perspectives that can be utilized to improve your business. As a speaker, Doug’s presentation on Everything is About to Change will open your mind to the possibilities of tomorrow, and how we must embrace change to stay relevant.
~ Jackie Wall, Executive Director of the Estevan Chamber of Commerce

If you consider yourself a leader within your community, Doug Griffiths’ book, 13 Ways to Kill Your Community, is an essential resource! It is an insightful collection of information and strategic advice that will inspire its readers to take assertive action toward making their communities vibrant and strong. In attending Doug’s presentation, I was impressed with his ability to reach out and make a profound impact on those that were in the audience. His wit and no-nonsense style of storytelling will cause you to pause and ask yourself “is that OUR community he’s talking about?”
~ Twila Walkeden, Executive Director of the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce

This event is supported by the City of Estevan Economic Development Department and the Estevan Chamber of Commerce.