Estevan Leisure Centre Fitness Class Descriptions

  • Aqua Awe

    Aqua AWE features impact free exercises designed to improve balance, agility, posture, flexibility and core strength. Facility Daily Pass Required.

  • Aqua Step

    Moderate to intense step class in the pool. Cardio based class, spending time on the aqua steppers and finishing each day with a moderate interval workout using the pool noodles and dumbbells to focus on tightening of the core, arms and legs. Facility Daily Pass Required.


    Barre Above is a full-body conditioning class. This low impact workout incorporates lower, upper, and core exercises with a focus on flexibility, balance, stability and strength. This workout is not only fun and dynamic, but it will sculpt your body and get you into amazing shape. Facility Daily Pass Required.


    This 40-minute class is held on the affinity track and designed for those at a beginner to intermediate level of fitness. Don’t let the name scare you, our certified instructors will adjust the workout to your fitness level so you can go at your own pace. It focuses on improving cardiovascular endurance, as well as incorporating muscle strengthening. Let us show you how the indoor track can be used for more than just walking or running. Facility Daily Pass Required.

  • CardioBlast

    Focus in this cardio-based class is working the heart and lungs through a variety of interval formats. Both high and low impact options are provided to accommodate all fitness levels. Grab your shoes and water bottle, and get ready to sweat!


    This is an introductory class to yoga with adaptations to traditional yoga practice with the use of chairs and other props for support. Chair Yoga is ideal for individuals who want to focus on a gentle beginner yoga practice without needing to get up and down off the floor or may need assistance with balance and stability. Limit of 12/class. Facility Daily Pass Required.

  • CORE 2.0

    A 30-minute class focusing on abdominal and core strength. This ab workout will tone your front, lower back and sides for a complete abdominal workout to strengthen your overall core. Facility Daily Pass Required.


    This extra long fitness class combines the best of both worlds. Core focuses an ab workout for your front, lower back and sides while Barre Above will challenge your flexibility, stability and strength. This workout is not only fun and dynamic, but it will sculpt your body and get you into shape. Facility Daily Pass Required.

  • Deep Water Power

    An intense power deep water class that incorporates cardiovascular fitness, core strengthening and toning. Participant swimming skills not required but must be comfortable moving in deep water. Floatation equipment will be provided. Facility Daily Pass Required.

  • Easy Stretch

    Stretching is one of the most important elements of maintaining a balanced, healthy, and strong body, but all too often it gets left out at the end of a long and tiring workout. Come warmed up – relax, unwind, and combat muscle tightness in this 40-minute class. Facility Daily Pass Required.

  • Family Bootcamp

    A family-focused workout suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Each class will include cardio and strength along with a variety of other components such as balance, stamina, agility etc. Equipment required is shoes, water bottle, chair, and optional free weights for adults.


    The Foam Roller Stretch Class is designed to provide self-myofascial release of connective tissue throughout the body to help improve flexibility, decrease muscular stiffness and pain, and help with alignment. During the class you will use the roller to release trigger points and tight spots throughout the body through dynamic rolling or by applying pressure on tight or knotted areas. Limit of 12/class. Facility Daily Pass Required.

  • GRIT

    (Group Interval Training) A moderate to advanced workout incorporating steps, weights, and bands that emphasize aerobic, interval, resistance and strength training. It’s Tabata, pyramids, or AMRAPs. You’ll work for 10 seconds to 3 minutes to your fitness level; get a well-deserved break and do it all over again! Facility Daily Pass Required.


    Looking for something to keep you active while the pool is closed? Don’t worry we have you covered! Join us for Land AWE! This low-impact class is a great option during the dry spell, providing a cardiovascular warm up, followed by balance, range of motion, muscular strength and endurance exercises for all abilities.


    Ease back into fitness & introduce your baby to the water. You and your baby will be led through 45 minutes of cardio and muscular endurance while incorporating your baby through song and movement. Babies should be 6-24 months. Facility Daily Pass Required.


    PiYo inspired workouts for Moms with Babies or Toddlers! Join us for a 45-minute power/strength class of dynamic movement that increases heat, lengthens muscles, strengthens the total body and challenges balance all while burning calories in an aerobic state! This baby friendly class allows Moms to get a great workout while being able to tend to their little one’s needs! Facility Daily Pass Required.


    Stroller Bootcamp for Moms and Babies/Tots includes a variety of drills that focus on strength, power, agility, balance, cardio and core. Benefit from the camaraderie of other moms in your community while getting in a high intensity full body workout. Facility Daily Pass Required.

  • P90X LIVE

    A total-body strength and cardio conditioning class that helps you blast fat and build lean muscle fast. Participants will use free weights, resistance tubing or body weight. This class is suitable for everyone as options are offered for all fitness levels. Facility Daily Pass Required.

  • PiYo LIVE

    Sweat, stretch, and strengthen in one low-impact, body-sculpting workout. PiYo LIVE cranks up the intensity and speed of traditional Pilates and yoga to help you. This class is a step up from easy stretch, and beneficial for everyone. Participants require a yoga mat, water bottle and comfortable clothing. Limit of 12/class. Facility Daily Pass Required.

  • PiYo Stretch/Flow

    Sweat, stretch, and strengthen in one low-impact, body-sculpting workout. PIYO cranks up the intensity and speed of traditional Pilates and yoga. This class will focus on balance, flexibility and stretching. This class is a step up from easy stretch, and beneficial for everyone. Participants require a yoga mat, water bottle and comfortable clothing. Facility Daily Pass Required.

  • PiYo Power/Strength

    Designed to build strength, improve flexibility and tone muscles with a high intensity/low impact workout using only your body weight. Includes a cardio section, strength, core work and offers modifications for all fitness levels. Participants require a yoga mat, and water bottle. Facility Daily Pass Required.


    A 45-minute circuit class in the weight room. Focus of this class is to familiarize participants with all the equipment available, and to demonstrate proper form and usage. Each class will have different stations set up that target all major muscle groups for a total body, muscle strength and/or muscle endurance workout. Intermediate to advance with a limit of 12/class. Facility Daily Pass Required.


    Just like Sculpt but for beginners! New to fitness and intimidated by the Weight Room? This is the class for you! It’s a circuit style, total body workout. Your instructor will walk you step by step through each exercise and the group setting will keep you motivated. Limit of 12/class. Facility Daily Pass Required.

  • SPIN

    Outdoor cycling workout indoors, designed for ‘new recruits’ and ‘veteran riders.’ Designed to enhance endurance and strength, the cardiovascular benefits are fantastic! Your experienced instructor will professionally fit you to your bike and guide you toward a super-energizing workout set to uplifting music. Facility Daily Pass Required


    This land program will combine the benefits of using urban poling walking as a safe, effective, and low impact way to exercise for individuals of all fitness levels. Urban Poling is effective for increasing core strength, lower extremity strength, upper extremity strength, balance, stability and cardiovascular endurance. Various bodyweight and TheraBand exercises will be incorporated to improve whole body strength and endurance. Facility Daily Pass Required.


    This 1-hour drop-in class is designed for Zoomers – baby boomers who want to remain healthy and energetic! This class provides an opportunity to progressively develop and maintain strength, balance, range of motion and muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Age appropriate exercises based on national guidelines and standards will be done with supervision of a certified instructor to ensure safety. Facility Daily Pass Required.

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