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Utilities | Water & Sewer


The City's  Water and Wastewater division delivers safe drinking water, collects and treats wastewater, and provides storm water management services. 





Standards for drinking water quality are set and legally enforced by The Water Security Agency.  The regulation, which focuses on treatment and testing, mandates public access to information and notification of adverse results.

When you turn on your tap for a glass of cold, clean water, be assured that you can do so with complete confidence.

When do disconnections begin?

Disconnection of services runs from April- September for any accounts that are past 90 days due. Notices will be delivered 3 days prior to disconnection and failing to comply will result in loss of service. 

I am going on holidays for an extended period of time, is there any way to put my utility account on hold?

We offer a service where we can seal your meter inside your property and discontinue services until you return from your holiday. This means you will not be charged from the time we seal the meter until you return, however, there is a onetime $60.50 reconnection fee once you return. Your garbage and recycling bins will be removed from your property while you are away.