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The following are common bylaws requested by the public. Bylaws not listed here can be accessed by contacting the City Clerk at City Hall at (306) 634-1852


-          BYLAW SUMMARY

-          Noise Bylaw

-          Temporary Street Closure Bylaw

-          Animal Control Bylaw

-          Dangerous Dog Bylaw

-          Property Maintenance Bylaw

-          Building Bylaw

-          Taxi Cab Bylaw

-          Numbering of Building Bylaw

-          Fighting Bylaw

-          Cemetery Bylaw

-          Open Space and Parks Bylaw

-          Procedural  Bylaw

-          Traffic Bylaw 

-          Business License Bylaw

-          Smoking Bylaw

-          Animal Licensing Bylaw

-          Landfill Fees Bylaw

-          Utilities Bylaw





This information has been provided solely for research and convenience of the public. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on the Site, the City does not guarantee any information on this Site. Only the official signed and sealed copy of a bylaw will be considered authoritative.