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STARFISH | (4-12months) Parented Program 

This is an introduction to the pool, the sounds and sights of a new building and new adventure. This level provides an orientation to the water and the pool area.  Swimmers learn movement and balance in water and blowing bubble skills. It introduces floats and glides with kicks, and entering the water safely.

DUCK | (12-24months) Parented Program 
Building off the skills in Starfish, little swimmers explore actively while keeping Mom or Dad close. Swimmers learn floats and breath control while parents learn important water safety knowledge.

SEA TURTLE | (2-3years) ½ Parented, ½ unparented program
This parent assisted class, toddlers develop skills through fun games and songs, how to kick with a buoyant object and how to perform basic floats, glides and kicks. They will build awareness of deep water and safe entries.

SEA OTTER |  (3-6years) Unparented Program
Using fun games and activities, preschoolers learn to open their eyes under water, further develop basic floats and glides and swim one metre, all while being assisted. They also learn age appropriate water safety skills.

Salamander | (3-6years) Unparented Program
Preschoolers actively learn new swimming skills, including floats and glides (2m), even learn comfort to wear a pfd through games and songs. The fun includes learning to jump into chest deep water.

Sunfish | (3-6years) Unparented Program
Preschoolers work on front and back glides with kick (5m) and skill progressions. Introduced to side glides in this level, which is the start of front crawl breathing. Learning also focuses on good judgement in, on and around the water, including deep entries and floats.

Crocodile | (4-6years) Unparented Program
Endurance is built through increasing distance for front and back glides (7m). Swimmers learn how to do jump into deep water and do a 10sec surface support, a skill that can save their lives.

Whale | (5-6 years) Unparented Program
Not only do I jump into the deep end, I start to learn diving skills. I continue to increase my swimming distance (10m) on front, back, and side. I learn how to throw an aid safely to someone else in need and be smart about when and where I swim.