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The recent  substantial rainfalls and expected warm weather in the immediate future creates a very  favorable climate for another generation of mosquito emergence. Their eggs are lying dormant in areas awaiting rainwater and it takes just a day or two for these to hatch. We expect numbers to climb in the next few days and our adult monitoring stations throughout the City limits are showing this trend. Standing water sources within and surrounding the City are aggressively monitored and treated to eliminate the larvae and the residual larval numbers are next to nil in these areas. 

Please check  your property for standing water and eliminate the sources to help reduce the populations. Adult mosquitoes will migrate into the area from outside sources as the habitat potential has exploded with the recent rains. To reduce the annoyance, apply appropriate repellents, cover up with loose fitting clothing, and avoid peek timing  whenever possible (dusk and dawn). 

For more information, please contact the parks division.

Rod March, B.Sc. NRM , P.Ag., RPF(BC,LOA) Manager, Open Spaces, Forestry, and Pest Management

City of Estevan P: (306) 634-1880


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