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Engineering Services

Current Projects

     - Provincial Disaster Assistance Program | finalize gravel roads (Embankment construction)  
     - King Street | Roadway Rehabilitation Bannatyne Avenue to Pine Avenue
     - Wellock Road | Gibbs Road to Souris Avenue, Concrete Sidewalk Construction (Pending Council Approval)
     - King Street | Roadway Rehabilitation, Souris Avenue to Arthur Avenue (Pending Council Approval)
     - Sister Roddy road Roadway Construction | North of Nicholson Road to Wellock Road (Pending Council Approval)

General Information 

     - General Instructions
     - Construction Specs and Details
     - Storm Drain Guidelines 

Forms & Applications

     - Engineer Property Information Request
     - Street Closure Application

     - Construction on city property 


Kiflom Weldeab, P.Eng.

City Engineer
tel: 306-634-1837
fax: 306-636-2199