5 Things to Know about the Downtown Revitalization

Here’s 5 things you need to know about the Downtown Revitalization project!


  1. The City of Estevan received approval for $7.75 million through the Canada Coal Transition Initiative Infrastructure Fund (federal government-funded program, administered through PrairiesCan). This funding was allocated for this project specifically, under their guidelines. The City of Estevan is not free to choose how to spend these funds. If the city chose to turn down this opportunity, these allocated funds would be awarded to an alternate community for their project.


  1. The $1.5 million that the City of Estevan is required to contribute is to address the underground infrastructure that will be required in the future to be replaced regardless of the downtown revitalization project. This $1.5 million spent will not be reflected in a tax increase, but rather reallocation of debt reduction funds for one year.


  1. There will be no increase to property taxes or utility billing as a result of this project. The timeline for the Downtown Revitalization construction is based on our warm-weather construction season, providing us the opportunity to complete the project before the next cold weather season affects the project. The funding for the project will not be rescinded by a certain deadline in the 2024 season and would under no circumstances cause a 20% tax increase.


  1. From November of 2021 to April of 2022, there were 6 opportunities for public engagement. 3 open houses, 3 public surveys.


  1. All downtown businesses have agreed to a plan to strive to minimize any interruptions to their day to day business operations throughout construction.


If you have questions about this project, please contact City Hall at 306-634-1800.



For more information, please contact:

Jacquelyn Massey-Rounds

Marketing & Communications Manager

City of Estevan


(306) 634-1877