The City of Estevan’s Economic Development Board celebrates Saskatchewan Mining Week by showcasing the largest working Carbon Capture and Storage facility in North America.

Because of the impressive technology at SaskPower’s Boundary Dam Unit 3, more than four million tonnes of carbon dioxide have been captured, which is equivalent to one million passenger vehicles taken off the road for a year.

This technology works, and with advancements, it is continually improving.

“CCS (Carbon Capture Storage) is world-class technology with environmental and economic benefits,” explains Mayor Ludwig, Chair of the Economic Development Board. “Government officials and industry leaders from across the globe have toured and researched this facility; it’s been the blueprint for other CCS projects in the world.

Coal is not a twilight resource,” stated Ludwig. “Shand and Boundary Dam Unit 6 should not be shut down; they should be retrofitted with CCS and provide low-carbon, baseload power for years to come.”

Today, during Saskatchewan Mining Week, the city is releasing information that contains data to support the Future Direction of coal. Its findings include:

  • Coal is not a dirty fuel source, thanks to CCS science and engineering expertise.
  • Coal is the most efficient fuel source for producing electricity in Saskatchewan.
  • The value-added features of coal can’t be replicated by any other power generation sources.
  • The coal industry is an established driver of the economy.


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