City of Estevan Welcomes Energy Sector

In the wake of the City of Regina Executive Committee moving to distance themselves from energy companies who support their economy and valuable programs within their community, the City of Estevan would like to welcome all energy sector businesses to our city. Estevan City Council, administration and Economic Development Board are committed to further and continued support of businesses in the oil and gas industries.  City Council recognizes the economic and community support that is provided by these businesses and is committed to ensuring that no such discriminatory policies are created under our municipal government.

Estevan has a rich history rooted in the oil and gas, mining and power production sectors. Mayor Roy Ludwig says “We feel it’s important to stand up for the energy businesses who donate significantly to our communities. In short order we will be making a motion at City Council, ensuring our continued support and acceptance of sponsorships of any kind from oil and gas businesses.” Adding that the employment opportunities and economic spinoff will always be appreciated in Estevan.

The City of Estevan, home to world-leading technologies like carbon capture and storage at the Boundary Dam Power Station, is confident that the businesses in the energy sector are effectively working to mine, extract, and produce their product in ways that are safer for the environment and viable for the economy. Over the years, Canadian oil and gas companies have been Global leaders in environmental sustainability and it will take support and collaboration with these businesses to pave the way for greener technologies within the energy sector.

Estevan’s vibrant, growing and diverse economy is characterized by power generation, coal mining, agriculture, manufacturing and oil and gas drilling. Estevan has become known as the Energy Capital of Saskatchewan – a distinction based on an extraordinary resource base and the strong resource sector that is serviced primarily out of Estevan.

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Mayor Roy Ludwig | | (306) 421-0501

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