Message to the Graduates of 2020

After 12 years of good times and bad, exhilaration and sadness, it is time to turn the page and start a new chapter in your lives.

Unfortunately, a typical grad is out of the question this year because of COVID-19. Instead of large crowds with family and friends celebrating your success, you will be looking at smaller gatherings, complete with social distancing. And as a result, this is a sad time for some of you. But grads, thanks to your resiliency and adaptability, you will persevere.

You will shine, as this is your time to celebrate the lifelong friendships, great memories and the respect of your peers for all of the hard work you have put in.

Life is about choices; thanks to your positive choices and the guidance of your parents, friends and teachers, you are graduating.

As you move forward in these uncertain times, remain positive, look towards the future with confidence and determination, and with the courage you already possess. Embrace the adventure ahead with flexibility and commitment to make the most of your life.

In closing, No matter where you go in life, you can always call Estevan home; this is our Estevan.  Congratulations Grads, always remember to believe in yourself, embrace diversity and keep your sense of humour.

Mayor Roy Ludwig

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