Pet Peeves: Not being a responsible animal owner

Estevan’s Animal Control bylaw requires owners to care for their animals in specific ways.

Poop is an inevitable part of having a pet, and the City’s Bylaw Officer is reminding owners to pick up after their dogs.

“Not only does leaving dog poop in a green space degrade that green space but can spread disease to other animals, so we must work as a team to clean up after our pets in our community,” said Special Constable Morgan Prentice.

The Animal Control Bylaw 2005-1709 requires the owner to pick up after their dog or potentially face a 50 dollar fine.

The last thing we want to do is fine someone for not cleaning up after their pet.

Before going for a walk, Prentice suggests letting your dog out to the backyard if that is an option for you  This allows the dog to do its business in a controlled environment where it could be easier to clean up.

She also recommends attaching compostable or biodegradable bags to your dog’s leash or put a few in your pocket, so you are prepared during the walk. The used bags should be placed in the garbage.

Residents should also be aware of Section 11 of the Animal Control Bylaw that states any dog or cat running at large on municipal property is subject to a 100 dollar fine. This means all animals should either be on a leash except in off-leash permitted areas.

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