Park users encouraged to maintain social distancing

ESTEVAN, SK March 26th, 2020 10:30 AM – Not all City park users are respecting the need for social distancing during this pandemic. With parks being a community-gathering place, social distancing is critical as all citizens, regardless of their age, are at risk of transmitting the COVID-19.

Mayor Ludwig shares, “We understand the impact physical activity has on kids and families, but we need to be very clear to users to respect the social distancing guidelines at all times set out by Health Canada and the Government of Saskatchewan.”

Social distancing means;

  1. Keep a minimum distance of two metres from others when out in the community.
  2. Avoid non- essential trips in the community.
  3. Limit or postpone gatherings.
  4. Keep kids at home and away from group settings.
  5. Visits to long-term care homes are restricted to immediate family for compassionate reasons.
  6. Conduct meetings virtually.

As always, it is essential to use good hand hygiene when out in public spaces.

Physical activity is important for the mind and body during these unchartered times, and we would like to encourage residents to use our pathways throughout the city to meet that need.

In addition to providing an opportunity to get some exercise outdoors with our parks, the Estevan Leisure Services division has started offering free online fitness classes, and plans are underway to add family-friendly classes to the existing list.  Citizens wishing to join should follow the links on the Estevan Leisure Services Facebook page, on our website here or call the Information Desk to get directions.

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