Statement from Mayor Ludwig Covid-19 Update – March 18th 3:00 pm

In order to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19, everyone has a role to play. It takes more than governments and action from the health sector to protect the health and safety of Canadians. Each of us can help our country be prepared in the event of an emergency by understanding how coronavirus spreads and how to prevent illness.

I want to start by saying that at the moment, the City of Estevan does not have any confirmed or presumptive cases in our area, coming from the Sask Health Authority.

That doesn’t mean we can let our guard down; we need to plan and prepare for the worst, and we are doing just that. As you know, on March 17th we closed all city facilities to the public to protect our staff and our community from coming into high traffic areas.

Now and always during the cold and flu season, stay home if you are sick. Encourage those you know are sick to stay home until they no longer have symptoms.

To snowbirds and travellers returning home, we urge to self-isolate for the required 14 day period. There are local businesses that have stepped up and will deliver groceries to you free of charge. Other residents will get you the items you require, ask a neighbour or other family member to get you the things needed. It is your duty as a citizen to follow the recommendations and SELF Isolate.

To all others, our essential services are stable. To do your part we URGE you to not put any disinfectant wipes and rubber gloves in the sewer system, our wastewater plant has trouble processing them. They need to be disposed of in the garbage. And as always, follow good hand hygiene, avoid crowds, keep a distance of more than 2 meters from others and call 811 if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms of fever, dry cough or difficulty breathing.

We have confidence that we will work through these issues as we face these difficult times, Thank You to our citizens of Estevan for your resiliency and willingness to remain positive as we deal with these challenges.


Mayor Roy Ludwig

City of Estevan

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