Statement from Mayor Ludwig: $8M funding from Province of Saskatchewan

Last week the City of Estevan and surrounding area received the official announcement of an $8 million funding agreement from the provincial government. This funding is appreciated, as it will allow our communities to pursue economic opportunities that we would not otherwise have the resources to pursue.

These monies are earmarked for economic development initiatives only. The funds can only be accessed through an application process with input from our stakeholders such as the RM of Estevan, RM of Coalfields, the town of Bienfait and the local Economic Development Board. This funding is complementary to any federal coal transition funding initiatives, applications for projects must first be applied through any federal programs before being submitted to the province.

The focus for the funding will be on growing current business within the City and the surrounding area, the attraction of new business, and efforts to attract targeted market areas such as agri-processing, manufacturing, new technologies and greenhouse development.

This funding will be available through a three year staged commitment, with 1/3 to be paid in each year from 2020 through 2022.  Ideas or suggestions from the community on the application process or on economic development opportunities are welcomed and greatly appreciated and can be sent to the Economic Development Officer Dwight Bramble at City Hall.

The City appreciates the assistance from our local MLA Minister Carr, whose efforts, along with the Premier and cabinet, were instrumental in accessing this funding.



For more information contact:

Rebecca Westling
Phone: 306-634-1847

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