On Monday, November 18th, at the next City of Estevan Council meeting, deliberations on whether to proceed with a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a new arena will take place.

This request for proposal has no financial commitment for the city, nor does it indicate that Council will move forward with this project. This stage is only to investigate the quality of submissions and costs associated with the construction of a turnkey facility.

Council will keep the authority to reject submissions or choose to proceed into a negotiated contractual stage.

Should the RFP process be passed by Council, engagement sessions will be conducted by the City of Estevan in the coming weeks. This will allow residents the opportunity to provide feedback in decisions that matter to the community as a whole.

Council will take into consideration the RFP results, the engagement session results to make an informed decision on whether to go ahead with a project of this type.

Feedback can be sent to Once compiled, this feedback will be submitted to Council; it will not be addressed on an individual basis.

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