George Canyon Hit after Hit tour fills bucket lists

The City of Estevan would like to thank George Canyon, Doc Walker, Charlie Major, and Manny Blu for bringing another excellent quality entertainment event to the energy city.

Over 1100 people attended the event on the weekend, and an additional contingent was involved with the tailgate party before the start of the concert.

One particular family traveled 9 hours to come to Estevan to fill their fathers bucket list of meeting his long time idol, Charlie Major. The experience was an emotional one as he spoke with Major with watery star struck eyes.

The entertainment was top notch, and the crowd enjoyed the Cabaret style type of concert as people were seen dancing on the floor throughout the night. Initial reviews to city employees have been overwhelmingly positive, and many local businesses saw an increase of patrons at their establishment and continue to appreciate the positive economic impact that shows like this bring to the community.

We continue to look at other great entertainment opportunities and appreciates all the support from the citizens in attending these events.

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