Spring cleaning the City

The City of Estevan will be hosting Operation Clean Sweep on Monday, May 13th through Monday, May 20th, 2019. Operation Clean Sweep is an initiative to give residents the opportunity to do some spring cleaning without the need to take the refuse to the Landfill as well as give the opportunity of a Free Landfill Weekend.

Day 1 & 2 City of Estevan crews will be clean sweeping the City of Estevan North, East, South and West entrances of the City and outlying areas. As well as City properties including green spaces such as boulevards, medians, parks and natural areas.

Day 3  NORTH & Day 4 SOUTH – City of Estevan crews will be helping you clean sweep by picking up your contained organic waste material (Twigs, leaves and yard refuse) in your front driveway. Branches must be bundled in 3ft lengths. Leaves and yard refuse must be bagged. ALL items must be on driveway BEFORE 8am on May 15th (North) and May 16th (South). Callbacks will not happen in areas so please make sure items are out in time. See map below for divisions.

Day  5-7 –  FREE LANDFILL WEEKEND applies to City of Estevan Residents and their residential waste only.  Commercial waste will be accepted for regular tipping fees.
Freon appliances are not included. No hazardous waste material. Friday, 8am – 8pm, Saturday 9am – 6pm, Sunday 9am – 6pm, Monday 8am – 8pm

“We want our city to look great; not only for residents of Estevan but visitors that come to our City,” said Norm Mack, Roads and Drainage Manager. “Commercial properties will not be included in the operation, but we encourage all commercial properties to participate in the clean sweep effort.”

If you would like more information or have any questions, please City Hall at 306-634-1800.

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