City of Estevan moves to Phase 2 in Our Estevan initiative

Phase 2 of the Our Estevan initiative will begin with Open House meetings in the Multi Purpose Room of the Estevan Leisure Centre on Wednesday, March 20th at 12 pm – 4 pm, and Saturday, March 23rd at 4 pm – 8 pm. The purpose of the Open House is to share the results that residents of Estevan completed for Phase 1, the survey portion, of the initiative.


Our Estevan, is an initiative that will result in a new Official Community Plan (OCP) to be adopted in 2019, putting in place policies and growth strategies to help make Estevan stronger, greener and a more vibrant community. The new OCP will then be a guide when rewriting the new City Zoning Bylaw which will be done concurrently with the new OCP.


“We really want to hear from the community what they feel the direction should be for Estevan over the coming years,” said Mayor Roy Ludwig. “On behalf of City Council, I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to attend this Open House and learn about what residents of Estevan have told us and what they think the priorities should be.”


Richard Neufeld, Land Development Manager said “We will be discussing topics that fall under land usage. For example, one of the items that we will present is what residents told us how they want to see protection around the Helipad at St. Josephs Hospital and the nearby building restrictions.” He added, “There will be plenty of topics that we will present with your ideas being put to use to draft this policy.”


Neufeld also stated “If you or an organization that you are representing, is unable to attend the Open House, I will be available for consultations over the next few months and can be contacted at City Hall.”

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