Bright Lights Fun Night at Affinity Place

The City of Estevan Leisure Services Division is happy to announce the start of a new event that they will be hosting. Bright Nights Fun Night on December 23rd from 6 – 8pm at Affinity Place.

This event is an addition to a previous event called Twinkle 2K. It is a night to walk around the track that will be decorated in Christmas lights and different themes. The addition to the new event this year is a Glow Skate at the same time the Twinkle 2K will be happening.

The walkers can circle the track that will be decorated in sections with different themes in each section. Candy store, gold and glitter, Star Wars and underwater Christmas sections will be lite up.

The skaters will be able to skate on the slightly darkened ice surface with glow sticks and view the different themes from a different angle! During the glow skate, family skate rules apply. An adult or guardian is required to be on the ice at all times with children. Helmets are recommended. Anyone on the ice must wear ice skates or ice cleats. Cleats are available at the Information Desk. Strollers are welcome on the ice but wheels must be clean. There also will be NO sticks or pucks allowed.

Admission is by donation to KidSport. Come join us for a Fun Night under Bright Lights.