2018 Communities in Bloom Tour Leaves Judges Impressed

Communities in Bloom Judges Call Estevan “A very very tidy city”

The two Communities in Bloom judges had plenty of praise for Estevan during their tour of the community this past July, remarking specifically on the efforts that have been done in the development of the city in parks, energy efficiency, care of urban forestry and stated that “Estevan is a jewel in southern Saskatchewan.” Estevan received 3 blooms in the non competitive category.

“This year we participated in Communities in Bloom to gain a visitor’s and residents perspective,” said Parks and Facilities Manager, Rod March. “Now we’ve learned a few things, and we’re learning to focus our efforts in Estevan in better ways.”

Shannon Wanner, Parks Foreperson, Rebecca Westling, Destination Marketing and Communications Consultant and March, led judges Bonita Lundberg and Kathy Sproat Michelson on a tour visiting many Estevan attractions and locations which display the commitment to tidiness, environmental action, heritage conservation, urban forestry and landscape and floral design. “

You have a good handle on the tidiness portion of the evaluation, your mowing is exceptional as well as the weeding and watering throughout the city,” said the judges. “The overall ‘Wow’ factor was exceptional upon arrival”

“The judges did make recommendations on updating benches throughout the city as well as a few others” said Wanner. “Most of the recommendations they made are attainable and we will be making adjustments to make those things a focus. Some recommendations are larger projects and it was suggested to get a Communities in Bloom working committee going.”

“It’s a lot more than flowers,” added Wanner, “Communities in Bloom is all about seeing communities grow in a healthy and sustainable way. We are looking for residents who want to help make our community stand out even more and advance into a competitive category of the communities in bloom program.”

Any resident wishing to partake on this working committee, can contact Shannon Wanner, Parks Foreperson at 306-634-1800.