Changes coming to the Estevan Leisure Centre’s Fitness Centre

In the beginning of May, 2018 there was a Town Hall meeting in the Multi Purpose Room to discuss the future of the Fitness Centre in the Estevan Leisure Centre. From that meeting, a Fitness Centre Committee was formed.

“The Committee is our commitment made to the residents and fitness community, by providing a modern fitness and recreation facility” said Erin Wilson, Program Manager. “Their goal is to serve the athletic and recreational needs of the entire community and are committed to continuing to work with the community as we move forward in bringing this vision to life.”

The Committee is currently working on implementing some key features for the new Fitness Centre which include:

  • card scanner entry system
  • new squat racks
  • kettle bells
  • glute/ham machine
  • bumper plates
  • improvement in storage area
  • leg press
  • incline and decline benches
  • preacher curl
  • new cardio equipment

You will see some of these features updated in the coming months while others may take some time to implement.

The Committee is welcome to input and ideas brought forward. You can suggest these ideas by; contacting the Information Desk in the Estevan Leisure Centre and it will be passed on to the Committee; by emailing Program Manager, Erin Wilson at or by contacting any one of the Committee Members. Committee members are as follows; Logan Bomberak, Brian Dueck, Rory Fleming, Becky Franke, Nicole Grass, Adele Irwin, Doug Smart, Sherri Waldegger, Dylan LaFrentz or Erin Wilson.