City of Estevan rolls out Business Incentive Program

The City Council of Estevan, through its Economic Development Board, aims to improve the quality of life in the community, by stimulating development and to make Estevan  an attractive destination for businesses and families to call home, with a clear and concise plan for enhanced economic development and community growth. Furthermore, Council’s vision is to make Estevan “a dynamic, appealing regional center that welcomes growth, diversity and opportunity, and  proud of its commitment to a safe, clean and quality environment for families”.

To that end, the city has approved a Business Incentive Program (BIP) which, according to Economic Development Coordinator, Dwight Fitz Bramble, is the first of its kind.

The program, which will be a ‘living document’ where other incentives can be added from time to time, aims to:

  1. Encourage businesses to locate their operations in Estevan;
  2. Retain and expand businesses in Estevan;
  3. Increase employment opportunities in Estevan;
  4. Provide tax exemptions to businesses within their start-up year(s);
  5. Improve Estevan’s competitive position;
  6. Increase the long term viability of a commercial project; and
  7. Demonstrate the city’s commitment to business and industry.

The incentives will benefit businesses located and operated in Estevan who must apply b to the city of Estevan in order to be considered.


Incentives include:

  • New Business Incentive

Any new business establishing and locating operations in the City of Estevan is entitled to a property tax levy exemption for a period of three years at the following percentages:

  • Year 1: ( from date on the original development permit) 100% exemption
  • Year 2: 100% exemption
  • Year 3: 100% exemption

Businesses operating in the five investment priority areas as identified by the Economic Development Board (Agri-value/processing, Green house technology, Geothermal energy, Renewable energy, Manufacturing/Warehousing) are entitled to an additional two years of tax levy exemption at the following percentages:

  • Year 4: 100% exemption
  • Year 5: 100% exemption.

The tax levy exemption applies to permanent new building or facility development and is not applicable to building renovations, expansions or taxes levied on lands. The applicant must be the registered owner of the property or someone authorized to act on behalf of the property owner.


  • Store Front/Façade Improvement Incentive –

Any commercial property located within the City of Estevan and which has undergone storefront/façade improvements, including the paving of parking lots, may be granted a commercial property tax exemption equivalent to 25% of the cost of the improvement or $15,000 or the lower of the two. The tax levy exemption will be applied starting the calendar year after the improvement has been completed and will be spread equally over the three years therefrom. Details, criteria and conditions of this program are contained in Appendix B.

  • Business Mentoring-

The City of Estevan will partner with local community foundations, business enterprise centers, community futures development corporations, and any other relevant entity, to identify and support business retention, expansion and transition opportunities. To that end the City of Estevan will support the establishment of a Business Incubator to provide business support and services to local businesses.


For more information on the Business Incentive Program, please contact:

Dwight Fitz Bramble
Economic Development Coordinator

City of Estevan | Corporate Services
1102 4th Street | Estevan, SK | S4A 0W7

P: (306) 634-1842   E mail :