Communities in Bloom Judges Coming to Estevan

The City of Estevan will be participating in the Communities in Bloom project this year. Since 1995, the program has seen communities benefit from participating in the program. Economic benefits such as sharing information about best practices, decreased vandalism and benefits for tourism, hospitality and retail industries. Social benefits are increased civic pride and community involvement, improved quality of life and participation from all ages and walks of life in the community. And finally the program benefits environmental stewardship through the enhancement of green spaces.


There are numerous categories that a community can apply for and this year we chose to run in the “Evaluated Friends” category. This is a change from last year, the first year that we participated in the communities in bloom project. In 2017 we participated in the “friends” category where the community does not compete for a bloom rating and are not visited by judges but is recognized by participation only. This year the Evaluated Friends category is a bit more competitive but not competing against any other communities, but we will be evaluated by judges that will be arriving on July 25th.


The community will be judged on 6 different criteria; tidiness, environmental action, heritage conservation, urban forestry, landscape and floral displays. Points will be awarded for each criteria with the possibility of receiving a grand total of 1,000 points.


“We wanted to participate in this program with a bit more of an effort this year to have a marker to track the quality of community growth and development over multiple years” said Rod March, City of Estevan Parks and Facilities Manger. “The program will establish a standard for continuous improvement of the community as a whole.”


You can participate in Communities in Bloom by keeping your yard and business tidy in appearance or if you would like to participate in the communities in bloom committee in coming years please contact Shannon at City Hall to speak more in-depth of future opportunities.