Mosquito Trap Results for Estevan

Mosquito Trap Results for City of Estevan:
• Low numbers of Culex tarsalis mosquitoes are being detected in southern Saskatchewan.
• No infected West Nile virus positive mosquitoes have been found, to date, in 2018.
• The risk of transmission to humans is minimal to low but is expected to rise in July.
• Higher numbers of other mosquito species are being detected in areas that received rainfall over the past two weeks.
• All mosquitoes, including Culex tarsalis, are most active on warm evenings and between dusk and dawn.
Mosquito surveillance
• The first generation of Culex tarsalis emerged in low numbers in southern and parts of central Saskatchewan. Numbers and infection rates of the first generation are low resulting in a lower risk to humans.
• Low numbers of Culex tarsalis were caught last week. Cool nighttime temperatures limited biting and egg-laying activities to a few hours in the evening and early overnight period.
• Other mosquito species are being detected in higher numbers than normal in southern Saskatchewan. Thunderstorm activity in June, contrasting to dry conditions in May, flooded many low-lying areas resulting in increased mosquito habitat. Numbers will continue to increase in those areas that received significant rainfall over the week.