2018 Watermain Flushing Schedule

The City of Estevan will be flushing watermains to ensure good water quality for all users of City water.  This work includes the turning of main water valves around the City, and flushing large quantities of water from various hydrants in each area.  If your water appears discoloured during the days your area is scheduled for this work (see schedule below), please run a faucet for a few minutes until the water is clear again.  If the water remains dirty for a longer period, please contact City Hall at 634-1800 to let us know.  Thank you for your understanding during this important maintenance!

(1) Thursday, and Friday- May 31 and June 1

Area bounded by Perkins Street and Luscar Park on the North, Water Treatment Plant on the South, Woodlawn Ave on the West, and Hwy 47S Service Road on the East (Includes Luscar Park, City of Estevan Public Works yards, and businesses on Hwy 47S Service Road)

 (2) Monday – Friday June 4-8

Area bounded by 6th Street on the North, Valley Street, 1st Street, and Westview Place on the South, Alice Road and Woodlawn Avenue on the West, and Souris Avenue on the East (includes Westview, Central, and downtown regions)

 (3 Monday- Friday June 11-15

Area bounded by 6th street on the North, McDonald Road and Perkins Street on the South, Souris Avenue on the West, and Kensington Ave on the East (includes the Eastend, Bay Meadows, and Valley view regions, and Jubilee Place)

 (4) Monday –Friday June 18-22

Area Bounded by City Cemetery on the North, King Street on the South, Sister Roddy Road on the West (formerly Woodlawn Avenue), and Souris Road (Hwy 47N) on the East (includes Dominion Heights, Pleasantdale, and Royal Heights regions, as well as Cundall Drive, Woodend Place, Chinook Bay and Hwy 47N Service Road)

(5) Monday – Friday June 25-29

Area bounded by Spruce Drive and Princess Street on the North, King Street on the South, Souris Avenue on the West, and Kensington on the East (includes Hillside and Scotsburn regions)

(6) Tuesday-Friday July 3-6

Area bounded by King Street on the North, CPR Railroad on the South, 14th Ave on the West, and Kensington on the East (includes 7th Street, 8th Street, 9th Street, Centennial, Trojan, and Soo Industrial regions)

(7) Monday- Friday July 16-20

Area bounded by Kensington on the West, Sawyer Road on the East, North and South City Limits (includes Glen Peterson Industrial Park, East Industrial, Southeast Industrial regions, and properties along Hwy 39E Service Road)

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