City of Estevan looking for feedback for Our Estevan initiative

Our Estevan, is an initiative that will result in a new Official Community Plan (OCP) to be adopted in 2019, putting in place policies and growth strategies to help make Estevan stronger, greener and a more vibrant community. The new OCP will then be a guide when rewriting the new City Zoning Bylaw which will be done concurrently with the OCP roll out.

Richard Neufeld, Land Development Manager said “Crafting a new vision for our city is an intricate task that will occur over the next 18 months. Our Planning Department, which is creating the plan, must conduct research and analysis, analyze data on current and future trends, incorporate specialized expertise from various organizations, prepare environmental analysis and craft policy proposals.”

Neufeld also noted “Just as importantly, it is essential to build ongoing public feedback to ensure that the plan reflects concerns and aspirations of community members and organizations. To help achieve these objectives, the Our Estevan team will be posting opportunities for you to express your vision of Estevan’s long term future.”

There are many ways to get involved such as attending Open Houses that the City will be hosting, filling out an online survey, or by picking up a hard copy of the survey at numerous events throughout the summer and fall.

Your participation matters, your values and vision are reflected in the Our Estevan plan and your participation is important to our city’s future.

Plus, one lucky winner of each survey will receive a 50.00 gift card to select businesses.


Media Inquiries:
Richard Neufeld
Land Development Manager


What is the Official Community Plan? 

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is a bylaw that provides the policy framework to define, direct and evaluate development in the City of Estevan. The plan ensures that development takes place in an orderly and rational manner, balancing the environmental, social and economic needs of the community.

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