Becky’s cat, Kitty, loves Woodlawn Regional Park

Meet Kitty.
Kitty has been in our family for 10 years. We live about 15 kilometers South of Estevan, so she gets to be an indoor/outdoor cat and is excellent at mousing. Kitty went missing on March 16th, 2017.

Kitty gone missing.

Kitty normally takes off for a few days once spring hits, so we weren’t really worried at first. Four days passed and we hadn’t seen her and then the worry started. We asked around the neighbourhood if anyone had seen her, asked them to check their outbuildings, etc. The kids and I searched the fields behind our house. We called the Estevan Humane Society; and we posted her picture on social media, all with no luck.

We were devastated. Kitty was a part of our family for so long, to imagine her without us in our household was difficult.

Flash forward to Friday night. I was working at the Estevan Rotary Club Lobsterfest and had my phone tucked away for the evening. When I arrived home late that night, I checked my phone and noticed a message from a friend that works at the Humane Society. In the message she said “I know this is a long shot but…” attached was a photo of facebook post of a cat, that looked very similar to mine. Someone had found a cat at Woodlawn Regional Parks’ Cosette Baseball Diamond.

I quickly commented on the post on Facebook asking the particulars. A lot of people commented saying this cat sits on their bench during their slow pitch league games. Or it swings by their campsite to sneak food. Some even said that she sits with them in the centre field while they play ball.

The next morning the entire family toured around the park looking for this “maybe.” We walked through the trails many times, we went over to the campground and asked people. We asked the folks at the Souris Valley Theatre. Everyone had seen the cat. Everyone loved the cat. We knew that it was our cat. We just couldn’t find her.

We regrouped and came back later that afternoon and still no luck. Most of the people we spoke with said that she was seen mainly in the evening, so that was our next step. Come back after supper.

The beauty of living in a small-ish city is that everyone knows someone. People that live across the street from the ball diamond called my brother-in-law and said they saw the cat in their ditch. My sisters’ family quickly got in their truck to see if this cat was mine. She called me and said, “Come quick, we have the cat. I don’t think it is Kitty.” I was heartbroken but had to check.

Once we pulled up, and I saw her little head peaking out of a towel I knew it was her. She had changed a lot. She was way skinnier and was way dirtier, but it was her. We cried with happiness. If it wasn’t for this small city, its’ people and Woodlawn Regional Park, I truly believe we would never have found Kitty. THIS is why I love living here.

From our house to everyone who helped saved our cats life, we will forever be grateful.


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Rebecca Westling
Rebecca Westling
I have four kids ranging from ages 2-14 and a husband that works in the agricultural field. Our family is very busy, but we always make time to slow down and enjoy the little things.