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ROAD CLOSED | Wellock Road from Gibbs Roads to Victory Road by Administration
Wellock Road from Gibbs Roads to Victory Road will be closed today.
HOLIDAY HOURS | Victoria Day, Monday, May 22nd by Administration
The City of Estevan is reminding residents to check the...
PUBLIC NOTICE | TAX RATES 2017 by Administration
The Council of the City of Estevan pursuant to Section 253 of the Cities Act that the Council of the City of Estevan, gives notice...
NOTICE | Construction Zones May 9, 2017 by Administration

1600 Block of 3rd Street Closed, Kinsmen/Hillside Park Construction and King Street Construction Detour.

NOTICE | Construction Zones May 8, 2015 by Administration

Kinsmen/Hillside Park, King Street Construction Detour

Parks Bulletin : The Buzz on Mosquitoes by Administration
Although there are over 40 known species of mosquitoes in Saskatchewan, we deal with only a few of them  here in Estevan.  The common species emerging in the early spring are the nuisance mosquitoes ( Aedes. Sp.), which are normally followed in July by the more commonly known Culex genus. 
Parks Bulletin: The Buzz on Mosquitoes by Administration
Larvicide is still the most successful control and the City  remains committed to this technique due to its effectiveness,  the low cost of application, and  the environmental friendliness of the product.
NOTICE | Construction Zones May 5, 2017 by Administration
King Street construction project detour route includes a new controlled intersection at Dufferin Avenue and George Street as well as  the intersection at Henry Street and Spruce Drive is now controlled by a three way stop.
NOTICE | Construction Zones May 4, 2017 by Administration

The 1200 Block of Nicholson Road is now open.  Painting crews are now working on....

NOTICE | Construction Zones May 3, 2017 by Administration
Construction continues on the 1200 Block of Nicholson Road today with no through traffic as well as the north sidewalk is closed until the construction has been completed.